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Darcy Dates

April 30, 2010

I got married young. At the tender age of 23. To a great man. But i was young. And having been so young (in college) when I met my husband, i had never really been on the adult dating scene. 7 years of marriage and one child and one divorce later, I find myself out there dating in New York City. Sometimes my experiences are so insane, and after sharing them with friends I realize what I great story I have to tell. So here it goes. I will write what I can, when I can, so dear friends and strangers, or whoever reads this blog (if it is even public on line- I still don’t understand what a blog is) can enjoy this wonderful crazy journey with me.

While my dating stories that pre-date this blog adventure are incredible and at times often unbelievable and they need to be written about, I am starting on this wonderful April 30, 2010 where I can only hope to have more dates going forward to write about. For now, I will write bits and pieces of what i have learned from my experiences. Names and locations will often be changed to protect the identity of my dates, who are often crazy and rather than need the protection of a changed name on a random blog, are in greater need of a padded room in bellevue. But i digress.

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