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As Long As You Are Happy

May 4, 2010

This is why I love my mother:

After a string of gross dates and deciding that I no longer had any interest in dating men, I send my mother a text.
“I am becoming a lesbian.”
“Haha. no you aren’t” she writes.
And like any good Jewish mother, who wants to factor in the slight chance I was telling the truth and she would never want me, for one second to think I would not be the apple (dipped in honey) of her eye she writes a follow up text:
“If you do become a lesbian I will love you the same and you and your girlfriend are always welcome in my home.”
Phew. SO glad we cleared that up.

Thanks mom.
My mother has always lived by the “as long as you are happy” motto. But she really means it. I love you mom.

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