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When you Least Expect It

July 8, 2010

“Darcy! Are you awake?”
“Yes, just walked in from dinner.”
“Okay, we are picking you up in 10 minutes and taking you to a party in South Hampton.”
“It’s 11:30 at night! That is 20 minutes away from here. Won’t the party be ending?”
“Darcy?! What are you? 80?”
“I can’t.”
“Why not?”
I sit and think for a second. Bear is with his dad for the weekend, and the truth is I really don’t have anything better to do than have my nightly call with Alexis. Accept every invitation, I hear in my head. This is advice my psychic (for another entry obviously) gave me once.
I hang up. My phone rings. It’s Alexis.
“Hey.” she says.
“Hey, I am going to South Hampton for a party. Want to come?”
“Are you nuts?”
“A little. Get busy living or get busy dying.” I say this. It’s my new thing. I picked it up from someone’s Facebook status update. I kind of like it.
“Where is this party?”
“At Bryan Mark’s House.” Bryan Mark is very well-known author who has published a number of best-selling books. Apparently none are on the art of getting a good night’s sleep.
“You are driving all the way there?”
“No, Sam and Stacy are picking me up.”
I hang up with her when I hear a faint honking outside. I grab a shawl as the party will be on the beach and head out the door. You are too old for this, I think. I then realize that Sam and Stacy are 3 years older than me so I guess it’s fine.

Right before we pull onto Bryan’s street I ask how they know him.
“We don’t. But anyone can go. It’s a house party.”
WHAT??? I want to jump out of the moving car. Did they just tell me it’s a house party and they weren’t invited? Do they think we are 14? People still do this? Were we riding in a Delorean and we had gone back to 1989?
“You don’t know him??? I thought you guys were friends with him. UGH.” I KNEW I should have taken my car so I can make a U-turn.
How did this happen? I wonder how I will get home. My phone battery is almost dead with very little reception. Switch your thinking Darcy! Think “The Secret“. I try to visualize the best night ever. Instead I am visualizing getting arrested for trespassing.
The truth is, the best things happen when you least expect it, so I suddenly just let go and decided that if I wrapped my Pashmina around my face they may not realize I wasn’t an invited guest.

We walk down to the beach, and the party looked…fun. It looked like the parties I had attended as a teenager in the Hamptons. On the beach, bonfires, s’mores, and a reggae band. Huh. Not bad. Not bad at all. A nice change from the regular run of the mill stuffy parties I usually attend. I had been there less than 3 minutes, when I run into an old friend from college. We catch up on her life, on mine, and I tell her all about Bear.
“I am divorced” I confide, “Know anyone?” I say. Kind of kidding.
“YES! I do!” She says. Sometimes people say this, but she really meant it.
“There is this guy. He works with my husband. I hear about him all the time and what a great guy he is and I just met him for the first time. He is really cute. And he’s here!” She says.
I panic a little bit. This could end terribly with me jumping into the ocean and swimming to Cuba, or New Jersey, or whatever is across the ocean from the Hamptons. Her husband approaches. After saying hello and quickly reuniting she tells him her plans immediately.
“I was thinking we set Darcy up with Kyle.”
He looks at me an his face lights up. “That’s an EXCELLENT idea. Really. I likkkkeeee it” He is nodding with an approving smile as though she is really onto something.
Before you know it he disappears into the crowd and I am trying to plan a polite escape in my head for when I don’t like Kyle. I have been through this before “He is so cute”, “He is great”, “You will love him.” Only to meet him and silently pray for an earthquake so I can get lost in the rubble, dig myself out and end up on the other side of the earth where they can never find me. And by they, I mean the people who have set me up, and of course, the date to be.
“That’s him.” She says.
In a good way.
He is tall, dark and so damn cute. Wow. When you least expect it is right. At a party you are crashing at 12 midnight. He was actually so unexpectedly cute I lost my entire game. I, Darcy, was speechless. I gave a brief wave, a quick hello and walked away? GET BACK THERE DARCY. I couldn’t. I walked aimlessly through the crowd towards the bonfire, looking to roast a marshmallow, or my arm, or anything that would make me look busy.
After a good 20 minutes of re-grouping I found my way back to Kyle.
We started talking. It was slightly uncomfortable as the crowd was filled with the ghosts of boyfriends past, but I managed to block it all out. At that moment Kyle’s friend came over and brought him a beer.
“This is Darcy.” Kyle said to his friend.
“Hi.” I shook his hand.
“Those hands are freezing!” His friend said.
“I know, I am holding a cup of ice.” The second this comes out of my mouth I feel like Baby in Dirty Dancing when she says “I carried a watermelon.”
“I’ll fix that for you.” Kyle said.
Just like that, he took the cup out of my hands, “I will hold it for you.” He said, “Here, let me warm up your hands.”
He put my hand in his and started to squeeze it gently. He then put my hand under his arm to warm it up. Finally he held my hand and blew some hot air on it. I was watching him alternate his heating methods. It was…adorable. Here’s the thing: When you actually like someone and are attracted to them, you think touching that you would normally think was creepy, is cute.
“You have tiny hands.” He said, as he held my hands in his.
“You’re good.” I said. “You always got this much game?”
He smiled.
I asked where he was from originally.
“I think my cousin is from there. How old are you?” I asked.
“How old???”
“What? That’s not old! I am (insert mid 30’s age here. I would tell you all, but you aren’t supposed to know that much about me)
“WHAT? NO! I thought you were 26!” He looked like he meant it.
“Come on. I LOVE you.” Awkward that I just told him I loved him. I wanted to vacuum that sentence back into my mouth, yet he was still standing there.
Leave now Darcy. On a high note.
“Well, it was really nice meeting you Kyle.”
“You too Darcy. Hey, any chance I can grab your number and we can get together sometime? I have a really funny story that will take an hour and a half to tell you, but I can condense it into 45 minutes.” Funny. I liked him.
I gave him my number and said goodbye.
He waited the standard 3 days, and called me. More on Kyle later.

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