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Taxi Cab Confessions

May 23, 2011
NYC Taxi

New York City Taxi Via:

Somehow this never got published, but I found it from a few months ago. I figured I would still share it. While it is now raining, and no longer freezing, there is still a lesson or two to be learned here.

3 months earlier…

It is freezing in New York City right now. Just, unbearably, bone breaking cold. The type of chill that stays in your bones, and doesn’t leave even when you are inside.

I had just gone to a fabulous birthday party on Bowery and needed to get back up town to relieve my sitter. Standing in front of the swank hotel I spotted a sea of loud fashionistas waiting for cabs as well. It was Saturday night and everyone was out. I was about to turn from a sequins topped hottie in skinny black pants and Louboutins, into a dirty old pumpkin. Not only were there no cabs, but there were people waiting in front of me for cabs.

One in particular seemed rather cute and approachable. We had already made small talk over a livery cab that wanted to charge way to much to get him to his destination, so at this point, i couldn’t do the signature New York City taxi flagging move, where you just walk ahead of the person a half a block. We were old friends at this point. He was definitely going to get one before me, and my fingers and cheeks were about to freeze off.
“Where are you headed?” I asked, turning myself from savvy new yorker to creepy hitchhiker on a dime.
“Hey, I will drop you off if you let me share your cab.” Was this safe? I certainly hoped so. He didn’t look scary, not that scary people actually do. Look at Ted Bundy and Robert Chambers. They were handsome, yet I am sure we all agree, very very scary.
I hopped in the car with the stranger and we quickly chatted about what we each did for a living.
He told me he was a chef, to which I told him my best and only recipe. Not that he really needed a recipe for salmon that calls for duck sauce packets left over from chinese take-out. He was a professional chef. He could probably make his own duck sauce. Can you even make your own duck sauce? Huh. Never really thought about it. He told me he would like to give me cooking lessons. Over dinner sometime.
I had already had an experience with a younger chef and it didn’t end well (See: Darcy Plus Party, Ghost of Risotto Past and It’s Complicated). Not to mention, I was already spoken for. I told him that the offer was sweet, but not only was I dating someone, but I was older, and a mom.
“Get out. I would have pegged you for 27. But I don’t mind. Who cares about your age. And that’s cool that you’re a mom.” He said with confidence.
This was a nice change of pace from my best friend Alexis, who likes to tell me I am old. I fell in love for a minute and then I came back to reality.
“That’s sweet, but it’s kind of a non-starter.”

We pulled up to his destination and he had to hop out. He asked for my contact info. I didn’t give it to him, but I did tell him to read my blog, as I assured him this exchange would be in it.
“I’m going to find you. And we are definitely going on a date one day.” He said as he handed the driver a 20. “Take her wherever she needs to go.”

It wasn’t for me, but it was a great New York story and it just goes to show you that you actually can meet people everywhere. Even in your taxi. Now, I am not encouraging any of you to get in random cars with strangers. In fact, I advise against it. But keep your head up and your eyes open. Strangers are everywhere. And some…are single.

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  1. May 27, 2011 2:50 pm

    Only you, Darcy, only you! Greece is the worst place to meet guys! No one ever hits on anyone!

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